Why is it important to take Title IX seriously?

Why is it important to take Title IX seriously

Sexual harassment, or abuse, is a term that catches everyone’s attention. Even when you are scrolling through your phone, you will surely pause if you read something related to sexual harassment. People feel disgusted when they find out that someone sexually harassed anyone around them. And title IX is involved with prohibiting sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment cases which is why it is recommended that you take it seriously. According to studentdisciplinedefense.com, it is something that can take away someone’s opportunity or mess with their career and mental peace for a long time. So let us know the reasons why Title IX should be considered a serious affair: 

  • Hamper your reputation 

If you have been falsely accused of Title IX violations, it may hamper your reputation because Title IX refers to sexual discrimination and harassment. It is a sensitive matter and even before the trial concludes, the judgemental reaction might affect your prestige.

  • Not taking action might become a trouble

If you have faced sex-based discrimination in your educational Institute but chose to not stand against it, you are allowing the culprit to follow the same pattern and affect other students. Thus, as a responsible person, you should stand against Title IX violations so that you can put an end to such unforeseen situations.

  • Hinder your opportunities

Irrespective of your gender, no one should discriminate in providing opportunities for your career. And if someone is responsible for not letting you achieve what you are entitled to it may cause hindrance in your professional growth. So you must take the Title IX violation seriously and never let go of any opportunity. 

  • Serious offense

As Title IX violations are considered serious offenses and lead to severe penalties or even jail time, you shouldn’t take it lightly. Being accused or falsely accusing someone of a Title IX violation can be an even more serious situation. Thus, prevent yourself or anyone from violating Title IX laws. 

It is hurtful to learn that in such a growing space, there are people who are still discriminating based on sex or creating an unsafe environment for students in their educational institutes. Without worrying about the consequences, people take actions that may destroy someone’s life or mess with them permanently. Though there are legal consequences of the actions, it is just a compensating procedure because the person who went through Title IX violations has already suffered the trauma or loss. To conclude, never let go of or ignore any Title IX violations around you and create a healthy and safe educational space for everyone.

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