Meta brings new Reels tools to Instagram and Facebook new Reels tools for Meta,2022


Meta has declared that they’ll be conveyance in new Reels options for Instagram and Facebook. Here’s a fast verify the set of features Meta recently adscititious. This includes the power to feature stickers to Reels on each platforms and also the ‘Stars’ feature on Instagram.

Add Yours Sticker

Meta has added a brand new ‘Add Yours’ sticker for Reels on both platforms. The feature was quite well-liked on Stories and can currently permits users to reply to other individuals’s Reels. it’s like Meta desires to extend the amount of reels people create, which is able to result in more engagement.

Stars on Instagram
For those that need to support their favorite creators, Meta has introduced a brand new feature referred to as Stars. antecedently obtainable for Reels shared on Facebook, it’s currently available for all qualifying creators. the corporate conjointly noted that they need enclosed new mobile choices for those trying to induce started with Stars and track their earnings.

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Post Reels from Instagram to Facebook
Another helpful feature the company has introduced is that the ability to post Reels uploaded on Instagram to Facebook. this may for certain create it straightforward for content creators to extend their user base since they’ll be able to interact users on each platforms.

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produce Reels from Facebook Stories
it’s like Meta desires Facebook to be packed with Reels as well. the corporate has launched a brand new tool that mechanically creates Reels on Facebook from existing Stories.

Facebook Reels Remix and insights
Meta has introduced a new feature referred to as Reels Remix that lets users show their own clip following the first reel. Also, Facebook Reels are going to be adscititious to the Creator Studio, with the company’s new analytics designed to assist artists track their reach, average watch time and minutes viewed.

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